Colle System: An Opening System for White's Army

Chess Opening Systems
For White's Army
[Colle System]

Colle System
- Overview -

White Openings Systems - Colle System Moves: 9

White's Moves Only:
1. d4, 2. e3, 3. Nf3,
4. Bd3, 5. O-O, 6. Re1,
7. c3, 8. Nbd2, 9. e4

Noted by Ken Wilsdon: "The Colle is a good system, again a little passive, but is played by club players regularly."

Colle System
- Example Sequence -

Here's an example of the Colle System played properly:

[Event "Colle System"]
[Date "1930.??.??"]
[White "Colle"]
[Black "O'Hanlon"]
[Result "*"]
[PlyCount "17"]

1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.e3 c5 4.c3 e6 5.Bd3 Bd6 6.Nbd2 Nbd7 7.O-O O-O 8.Re1 Re8 9.e4 {Colle System} *

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