King's Indian Attack: An Opening System for White's Army

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[King's Indian Attack (KIA)]

King's Indian Attack (KIA)
- Overview -

White Openings Systems - King's Indian Attack (KIA) Moves: 7

White's Moves Only
(1. e4 Variation):

1. e4, 2. d3, 3. Nd2,
4. g3, 5. Bg2, 6. Ngf3,
7. O-O

White's Moves Only
(1. Nf3 Variation):

1. Nf3, 2. g3, 3. Bg2,
4. O-O, 5. d3, 6. Nbd2,
7. Re1

This system, for White, can be reached via: 1. e4, 1. d3, 1. g3, or
1. Nf3.

I began learning the KIA following Yasser Seirawan's recommendation of the Barcza Opening (1. Nf3, 2. g3, 3. Bg2, 4. O-O), in Winning Chess Openings. It was Ken Wilsdon who introduced me to the KIA, developing from the Barcza, hence I began learning via 1. Nf3. You can see White's moves listed in the 1. Nf3 Variation, above-right.

Noted by Ken Wilsdon: "Note that this is the basic route we used in Game 4, and e4 was needed a little sooner."

King's Indian Attack (KIA)
- Example Sequence -

Here's an example of the King's Indian Attack played properly. It's the first 7 moves of a 1967 game between Fischer and Myagmarsuren:

[Event "King's Indian Attack (KIA)"]
[Date "1967.??.??"]
[White "Fischer"]
[Black "Myagmarsuren"]
[Result "*"]
[PlyCount "13"]

1. e4 e6 2. d3 d5 3. Nd2 Nf6 4. g3 c5 5. Bg2 Nc6 6. Ngf3 Be7
7. O-O {King's Indian Attack (KIA)} *

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