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- Open Definition 1 = Short for Open File
- Open Definition 2 = Refers To An Open Tournament

Definition 1
- Referring To An Open File -

A game of Chess starts with each side's Pawns, in a line, on their respective front rows ...

At this point, it is said that ALL Files - a to h - are Closed Files.

Play the video and see how the Files begin to Open-up, then read on and discover how it affects YOUR game ...

In the video clip, you see White's e-file (King's) Pawn capture Black's d-file (Queen's) Pawn ... All of a sudden, when ONE side loses a Pawn on its File, it becomes, what is known as, a Half-Open File. This is precisely what happened with the d-file.

And, once White's e-file Pawn goes to capture Black's Pawn on the d-file, it leaves Black as the only side with a Pawn standing on the e-file and so, it - the e-file - also becomes a Half-Open File.

Finally, as soon as neither side has a Pawn on a single File, that File is said to be an "Open File" and it's a critical moment in the game, as it opens-up the enemy's back row, allowing access for the heavy-hitters, such as the Queen and Rook, to do all sorts of damage ...

In the video clip, you can see that the d-file becomes a fully Open File.

  • Offensively, an Open File is GOOD for You;
  • Defensively, an Open File is BAD for You!* ...

* But, in order to attack your opponent, you need to clear an opening in BOTH Defenses - YOURS and your opponent's ...

You MUST prepare to play the game with an Open File, so you can try and take control of the opposing side's back two Ranks.

Whenever you attempt to do it, try to lead the assault with one of your Rooks and have either the other Rook, or Queen as back-up.

Do it correctly and the enemy will be in BIG trouble.

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- Open Definition 1 = Short for Open File
- Open Definition 2 = Refers To An Open Tournament

Definition 2
- Referring To An Open Chess Tournament -

When you see "Open" applied to a particular Chess Tournament, it basically means the Tournament is Open to anybody, rather than it being a Tournament restricted to a certain Chess Ranking - such as Grandmasters only, or a Tournment only for players who currently score, say, 2200 ELO points or above ...

Sometimes, regardless of a player's skill level, there may be a few definite restrictions as to who can actually enter. For instance:

  • The Tournament may be restricted to residents of a particular country;

  • The Tournament may be for Women only;

  • Or it may be a Junior Open Tournament, where, as you might have twigged, only youngsters, up to a certain age, may enter.

Example Chess Tournaments with
Open categories include:

The US Open

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The English County Championships

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The World Open

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YouTube Videos
Showing What Open Chess Tournaments Are All About

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