Online Computer Chess Games

Alright, if you're looking for good, free, Online Computer Chess Games - that is a game of Chess played against a Computer, rather than another Human - then there's currently only ONE game that cuts the proverbial mustard:

Online Computer Chess Games
- Flash Chess III / SparkChess -

[Same Game, NEW Name (2010): "SparkChess"]

Launch Spark Chess - a.k.a. Flash Chess III
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Yes, we've mentioned Flash Chess III on many pages throughout this website, but that's because we found it to be pretty good for a cheeky game of Chess, whether you're a beginner or have a better skill level.

It also, as I'm sure you'll agree, looks good - sure, the gameplay has got to be the ultimate decider, but people like things that look quality, as well - that's (partly) why a Bugatti Veyron is more desirable than an Ultimate Aero. Flash Chess III delivers on both counts.

The programmers have added a few features that you'll appreciate, such as an Undo button - fine, some may see this as cheating, but being able to make a mistake, undo and try something else is good for improving your game.

Another feature is the Save and Load buttons ... While it only works if you go back to play on the same computer, the Saved game will be on offer even if you reload the game in a different Web Browser ...

It's true - I started a game in Internet Explorer, Saved it, then opened Flash Chess III in Google's Chrome browser ... and up popped the option to resume playing my previously saved game.

Anyway, we've mentioned Flash Chess III elsewhere, so click here if you want to know more.

Other Online Computer Chess Games

Of course, it's only really possible to say which of the online Chess games is best, by playing some of the alternatives ...

The "others" were/are:

Flash Chess 3D

Chess Glossary - Flash Chess 3D Graphic

Flash Chess 3D is actually made by the same developers who produced Flash Chess III ... Flash Chess 3D was an earlier attempt.

As we mention elsewhere, their main focus seemed to be on the underlying programming, rather than playability or visual appeal, which they've since fixed with Flash Chess III.

Easy Chess (by Ed Friedlander)

Chess Glossary - Easy Chess - Friedlander

Ed Friedlander's Easy Chess is brilliantly simple, but Flash Chess III is more visually appealing. There's also the factor of 3 difficulty settings, whereas you don't get any with Friedlander's Easy Chess.

Easy Chess (by James M. Burton)

Chess Glossary - Easy Chess - Burton 02

Another game taking the Easy Chess title, this one, by James M. Burton played okay and there were two good features - as in the Undo and Replay buttons.

Whereas most of the online computer chess games are just that - games played against a computer program - this Easy Chess version lets you play against another Human, although, to play, they need to be sitting at the same computer as you.

Flash Chess III beats it because the pieces are easier to quickly recognize and there is a choice of 3 difficulty levels.

Quick Chess

Chess Glossary - Internet Chess Games - Quick Chess - Joe Miccio

Okay, this isn't a Full Chess game, it's only a 5x6 square Board, with 10 pieces for either side - as opposed to a Full Chess game, which is played on a 8x8 square Board, with 16 pieces for each player.

The moves are also stripped down - for instance:

  • There is no castling;

  • There is Pawn Promotion, but you're restricted to bringing back only what has been captured, be it the Knight, Bishop, Rook, or Queen;

  • On their first move, Pawns can only move one square, not two.

The reason we mention Joe Miccio's Quick Chess is because it's a cracking little game for when you want a quick chess fix, but don't want to spare the brain cells for a full game of proper Chess.

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