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You're after playing chess on the Internet.

Where you want to go depends on the type of game you want to play ...

Perhaps you want a bit of human interaction? For that, you'll need a website that caters for human-vs-human Chess games.

Alternatively, you don't want the hassle of having to stick rigidly to human etiquette and want to be able to "Undo" moves - you know, if you make a mistake - so you can try an alternative sequence of moves. For that, you'll want a human-vs-computer type of Chess game.

Okay, here are two good options to get you started quickly:

Human-vs-Human Chess

This is great - there's no hassle of filling out a big registration form and then making sure to check your email to "confirm you want to join", blah-de-blah ...

Nope, with, you simply enter a name - can be a nickname - and then click the "Start Game" button ...

Chess Glossary - Instant Chess - Start Game

I was playing within seconds (a player called Z93, as the above video showed) ... claim you can be playing a game of Chess within 5 seconds ... I didn't count how long I actually waited, but I recall it seemed pretty close to the website's claim.

Human-vs-Computer Chess

There is a paid version, where you get to access the fourth difficulty level - "Guru" - as well as getting additional analysis tools, among other features.

But, if you're just looking for an enjoyable, leisurely game, the first three levels - Beginner, Casual, and Advanced - should keep you occupied for many games to come.

Oh, and if you happen to be catching a cheeky game at work, you can hit the "Save " button, close your web browser, look like you're busy, then, when boss has gone, re-open your web browser, go back to, and you'll be able to re-load the game, from where you left off.

Hope that satisfies your net chess query. Here's the link to those two websites:

KEYWORD: Net Chess
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