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Medieval Chess
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Chess History Guide - Medieval Chess - Medieval CheckmateBy modern Rules, the number of times Black's King puts himself into illegal positions, is, well, A LOT.

But, the Medieval Chess equivalent of FIDE saw things totally different ...

Again, it's down to the restrictive movement of the Queen: not being able to attack in straight lines, which allows Black's King to stand immediately in front of her without risk of Check.

In the following video clip scenario, it requires a retarded amount of moves, firstly to bring White's King up, to help; then for White to keep moving, somewhat rigidly, until the Rook can get some distance for the Checkmate move.

Medieval Chess
- VIDEO: Medieval Checkmate -

Medieval Chess
- VIDEO: When It Was Not Checkmate -

Here's a familiar situation ...

Played today, White could move Rook onto the 7th Rank, to keep Black's King on the 8th Rank and then, after Black's move, White would send the Queen either to a8 or c8, which would win the game (i.e. Checkmate).

However, we now know the Medieval Chess Queen was shackled to one diagonal square per turn. Not only does it take an extra couple of moves to get White's Rook and Queen to occupy the back two Ranks, it's utterly pointless from distance, because the Queen doesn't have the straight-line attacking ability, like she does today.

In the video clip scenario, Black's King can simply step down onto the 7th Rank and get out of Check - it's certainly Not Checkmate, here! ...

So, achieving Checkmate was something of a laborious task in the Medieval game. If only there was a quicker way to win the game ... Well, funny you should mention that ...

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