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Medieval Chess
- How Kings Moved -

Chess History Guide - Medieval Chess - How Kings MovedThe King's moves are the same today as they were back in Medieval times, with the ability to move in any direction, but only one move per turn.

As you'll see in the video, below, it was good news for the King that a Queen was restricted to one, diagonal square move per turn.

In the modern game, such a move, by the King - Black's King, in this case - would be illegal, as it'd put the King in direct Check, from White's Queen ... not so, back then.

It certainly seems the Medieval game was less attack-minded than it is today.

Medieval Chess
- VIDEO: Movement of the King -

Okay, we now move onto the Endgame moves.

First up, you can see how a certain scenario, played today, would win you the game by Checkmate, but back in Medieval times, it would Not be Checkmate at all ...

Moving On: Medieval Checkmate (Page 8).

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