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You've heard that the popular kid's play brand, LEGO, have produced Chess Sets and you want to know more about them.

The range of Chess Sets, made by LEGO include the:

  1. Fantasy Era Giant LEGO Chess Set
  2. LEGO Vikings Chess Set
  3. LEGO Knights Chess Set

We'll start with the 'biggie' ...

Chess Glossary - LEGO Chess Graphic

Fantasy Era Giant LEGO Chess Set
Cost: Circa $600 (you may now say "yikes")

Chess Glossary - LEGO Chess - Giant Castle Set

You're going to get this if:

1) Money's no object;
3) You're a collector of LEGO;
4) You like things BIG and shiny and like to show off;
5) You've got kids and have caved into the insufferable might of 'pester power'.

Keeping with LEGO traditions of building the products yourself, before your kids (or you) can knuckle down to a game of Chess, you need to put the individual blocks and pieces together ... All 2000+ of them!

It looks very impressive ... That said, when it comes to 'playability', the excessively large Pieces (I'm thinking of the Rooks, in particularly), may be cumbersome to move about the Chessboard.

LEGO Vikings Chess Set
Cost: Circa $160-$200

KQA - Products and Items - LEGO Castle Chess Sets - Viking

This LEGO Castle Chess Set is less cumbersome than the Giant set, mentioned above. Being smaller, it also has fewer parts to put together, before your games of Chess can be played.

Comparing the Giant set with the Viking set, you'll notice a difference between the surface of the two LEGO Chessboards ...

The Giant set is nice and smooth, whereas this Viking set has the customary LEGO 'bobbles' (for want of a better word) ...

In normal LEGO sets, these are to help fix the LEGO bricks together, without being too tough for children's fingers to prise apart easily.

The same approach is used for keeping the LEGO Chess men upright ... Having to keep pressing the Pawns & Pieces into the Chessboard, just might get a tad annoying after a while.

LEGO Knights Chess Set
Cost: Circa $160-$200

KQA - Products and Items - LEGO Castle Chess Sets - Knights

This LEGO Castle Chess Set plays on the theme of Knights of "ye olde times" ... Everything else is pretty much the same as with the Viking Set, mentioned above - fewer parts; less cumbersome; potentially-annoying LEGO 'bobbles', for keeping the Chessmen upright.

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