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You're interested in finding out about the specific LEGO Castle Chess Set, with the box code of 852001.

This is the LEGO box set, coded 852001:

Chess Glossary - LEGO Chess - Castle Set

The set contains your standard quota of 32 Pawns and Pieces ...

The 'White' army's Pawns are all LEGO men, as are the Bishops, Queen and King. The Knights are LEGO horses; while the Rooks - being Castle Turrets - are, er, Castle Turret shaped.

For the 'Black' army, it appears the Bishops, Queen and King are styled LEGO men; the Knights are dark horses and the Rooks, again a large turret-shaped block.

As for Black's Pawns, these appear to be slightly different, from the commonly identifiable LEGO men.

Finally, the Chessboard itself. This is a one-piece tile, 25x25cm (10"x10"), featuring the patented LEGO 'bobbles', which serve to snap the LEGO bricks together, as you may know from other lego sets; but here, they serve to attach the lightweight chess pieces, in order to prevent them from toppling over, when sitting on the squares.

I personally think having to keep pressing the Pawns and Pieces into the Board would become annoying, after a while, which would spoil being able to concentrate on the game, somewhat.

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