GW-KW, Point Count Chess Raw Discussion, File #8:
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Game 3, KW's Major Digression,
7 Patterns You MUST KNOW for
Control of a Square


Knowing When You Control A Square

(KW, June 25th) Vulnerability is the Key to Control of a square. Vulnerability is closely related to Material Superiority, as it is the precursor to gaining superior material through an exchange. It is not as important how many Pieces attack and defend a square, as it is the comparative value of those Pieces.

Pawns have a unique contribution to understanding the Vulnerability of a square. They gain in power when a Piece of the opponent is placed diagonally to them. They lessen in power when they support their own Pieces. Because of their unique properties, they should not be moved unless you gain an advantage by doing so, or if you need to move it.

To understand the Control of a square and its relative value, you need to know who will move to the square first. The value of a square changes when the Pieces that influence that square change positions. There can be varying degrees of Control of a square, which implies that there can be varying degrees of Control of the Center, if the Pawns are in the Center.

We will look at Control of Center in a future digression, when we look at the interplay of Vulnerability with Material, and Mobility. However, If I started that now, I would not do it justice, as my brain has been taxed summarizing what I know about Control of a Square. That will be for another time when I am ready. Now back to the game.

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