GW-KW, Point Count Chess Raw Discussion, File #9:
Part of the Advanced Beginner's Chess Guide (Section 2)

KW explains How To Develop a Plan,
for Control of the Center
[July 7th 2011]

Reti Repertoire Suggestion

(KW, July 7th) if we weren't doing the pure Barcza for each of the first 4 moves, I would suggest the Reti on Black playing 1...d5 as follows 1. Nf3 d5 2. c4.

I've pulled together the main variations after I have input them into Chess Position Trainer*, a great FREE tool to learn a new repertoire, and makes it a cinch to input variations and create pgn files.

* (GW) I had problems trying to get this program to work on a Windows Vista PC

As you'll note in what follows, the Barcza position is obtained in most lines, but an early c4 or b4 helps in Center Control. These lines will help any Barcza player to understand the possibilities in the opening.

Take your time over a few weeks if you like, to go through these variations, to get a feel.

Let's review the main lines of the Reti (to highlight and walk through a variation, click on the variation listed between the board and the moves, and then click the play button under the board to move through the variation. Subvariations are in between the colored moves. Click on them to have the board display them.):

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The above is a compilation of variations found in the back or at the end of the chapter of two books:

Resources for the Reti
Click the links to see the Amazon reviews.
(Provided here for your convenience).

I also want to pull out one particular line that develops when Black plays simple developing lines, known as the Reti Trap:

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This by itself makes me want to play c4 when Black plays 1...d5, as this seems like a fun variation (at least for me)! As with most traps, it can only be played once or twice until your opponent gets wise. But it can provide a quick win against the uninformed!

Bibliography for the Reti Opening

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