GW-KW, Point Count Chess Raw Discussion, File #7:
Part of the Advanced Beginner's Chess Guide (Section 2)

Game 2, KW's Own Game Analysis, Attempting to Help GW Understand Control of the Center
[June 3rd 2011]

18. Qxh1 Qxh1 19. Rxh1 Bxd3
Black is not concerned now with White's attack on the Kingside, being adequately defended by King and Rook, along with the pawns in front of the King. Black now removes White's last major defender of the light squares, the Bishop on d3.

20. cxd3 c5
Now Black switches gears, and limits the Weak Square Complex on the dark squares. With this move, it prevents Bc3 to go to d4 or b4. At the same time, Black initiates an attack on the Queenside where he has the pawn majority.

21. d4 c4
Locking in the center and the White squares.

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