GW-KW, Point Count Chess Raw Discussion, File #7:
Part of the Advanced Beginner's Chess Guide (Section 2)

Game 2, with KW's additional Comments, Attempting to Help GW Understand Control of the Center
[June 6th 2011]

5. Nf3
A rather unexpected move, but very acceptable to Black. This Knight is now pinned, and if Black can take this Knight on f3, he would have a flexible light squared Bishop attacking d1 and h1, as well as a further guard on e4. Note that Black has 3 pieces in play, while White only has one, and that one is pinned, and cannot for the time being go to e5, its best square in this attack; Already Black has the initiative and better development, and is ahead in the game.

5. ... e6
Black decides to further increase his lead in development by opening the a3-f8 file for his Bishop,and simultaneously protecting his d5 pawn.

6. h3
White must remove this pin; he decides to do so with yet another pawn move - the 5th! This further weakens his pawn structure, and is one of the desired goals for the move Bg4.

6. ... Bf5
A strategic move. The b1-h7 diagonal is a better diagonal for this Bishop, further attacking e4, and now attacking c2. Three pawns and pieces collectively attack e4. From this point on, with the pin removed, White could play Ne5; However, a move there at this point would produce an exchange - the White Knight on e5 would be defending and attacking light squares, so it would be best for Black to eliminate this defender.

(GW, June 5th) So, it's about striking a balance between attacking/defending/controlling light v. dark squares. But, if, for instance, you've developed most of your Pawns to occupy and attack light squares, your plans should have a greater emphasis on defending, attacking and building on your light-square focus/development?

Ken's Comments ...

(KW, June 6th) Exactly! As White didn't want to trade Bishops, I decide where my Bishop should go. This is a better diagonal, attacking the hole on e4 and preventing the move e4, attacking c2. This extends my control on this square (e4), and prepares me to get an outpost there, after one more piece removal.

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