Email 6: I want to know how
Ken plans for a game ...

Date: April 29, 2011

First Name: Graham
Last Name: Wadden
Country: England
Subject: I want to know how Ken plans for a game ...

Hi Ken,

Hey, I just got a copy of Point Count Chess (although, at 300+ pages, I may have to reconsider this as being a good idea ).

I've just bookmarked LiChess, looks an efficient program. As you already play that with your son, why not stick with this program?

Now then, regarding the game, I was thinking about taking things all the way to the beginning - before a move has been made ... I want to understand your thoughts/plans as to how you approach each game, from both perspectives (when you play White's army and when playing Black's army).

How does that sound to you?

Looking forward to this!