Email 12: I propose we start an
in-depth discussion of PCC

Date: May 6, 2011

First Name: Graham
Last Name: Wadden
Country: England
Subject: I propose we start an in-depth discussion of PCC

Hi Ken,

No worries about thinking whether I've been forgotten or not ... I've had my head stuck in Point Count Chess all this week and I'm only just at Chapter 9 "The Isolated Pawn", with some bits sinking in, other bits, naturally missing the point, but I figured I'd let them go for now, just read through to let the easy info stick, then return to have a good go at hoovering up the seemingly trickier stuff.

I haven't even had opportunity to look in at the other books (e.g. New Ideas in Chess), but the content in Point Count Chess seemed to warrant primary attention - I had a read of some of the comments on Amazon (.com or, I can't remember) about this book being one the very best, yet less well-known books, in terms of learning about Chess Strategy.

Interestingly, the majority of those Amazon comments, that mentioned the actual Point Count "system", were negative towards it, saying how ridiculous it is to try and award points to these different analytical aspects. However, they were all unanimous in declaring the rest of the book's contents as being top notch.

Anyway, reading what I've done so far, with regards to how we might look to study a few games, it suddenly occurred to me whether we might find it useful to work our way through the chapters in Point Count Chess ... after all, it's one thing to read it by yourself, but to be able to discuss each chapter, as well as recreating the actual positions/games documented in the book, should really help to reinforce the core elements that Horowitz & Mott-Smith teach. That could prove really useful. What do you think?

See, I was thinking of asking for an extra week to try and get through more of Point Count Chess - before our proposed games - but how about, instead, we get stuck into discussing the different aspects of Point Count Chess (you know, really take it apart in detail), as a really thorough warm-up to whatever else we focus on (could be specific openings, such as from Yasser Seirawan's book; or the Middlegame stuff; etc.)?

There's 24 Chapters in total ... Could space them all out, such as one Chapter per week, for the next 24 Weeks ... Or, perhaps 1-2 (even 3?) Chapters per week, depending on the complexity of each chapter, to fast-track through the book and then move onto something else (e.g. focus on nailing down some Openings, etc.)?

Best wishes,