Email 11: Ken responds, regarding the postponement

Date: May 5, 2011

First Name: Ken
Last Name: Wilsdon
Country: Canada
Subject: Ken responds, regarding the postponement

Hi Graham,

We can always sneak by Google by creating a new email account and starting over. The only problem will come when the two of us have more email accounts than everyone else in the world combined! I would hate to manage all those accounts! BTW, I did spot a mushroom cloud to the East, but it didn't look that big yet, so I'm not too worried about it. Could just be some people consuming 'shrooms (mushrooms) to get their high.

I'm just emailing to let you know I haven't forgotten you. Just got a little busy doing other things (people tell me there are other things in life than chess, but I'm never sure I should believe them. But to keep them happy, I indulge them every once in a while). I've been trying to go through your spreadsheet, and that takes time. I am putting in a column next to your comments, so that it will be easy to compare. Still a long way to go, but a great practice for me to comment on games and explain what's going on. I will send it when I am done.

Will be in touch soon. Hope the reading is going well, and looking forward to a game when the time is right. If you are using Seirawan's openings, it really won't matter what I open with, we will be into his opening anyway, which is fine with me. I have thought recently I should explore the KID/Pirc/Modern openings more anyway, and if we get to you being White, the Barcza system will be interesting, if that is the direction you would like to go.

Another direction would be fine as well. I can learn from any game or opening, and maybe later after we go through some strategical games to make use of your COA and the great info on your web site, we could look at some relatively sound gambits to improve tactical abilities. But one thing at a time. I am sure we will have tactics in our games, but gambits live and die based on them. It is one of the major ways to become a better player as well.

Best wishes,