Email 10: Lots to take in;
I suggest postponing our game(s)

Date: May 2, 2011

First Name: Graham
Last Name: Wadden
Country: England
Subject: Lots to take in; I suggest postponing our game(s)

Hi Ken,

Do you think if we continue these emails long enough, Google will have no choice but to ban us for overloading its Gmail system?

Given the workload of reading material, I'd actually be quite grateful to postpone our first game(s) of chess for about a week or so; I'm looking forward to playing and learning with the help of your experience, but I'd rather be able to focus fully on the game in hand ...

By all means, we can definitely analyse beyond the Opening ... I'd just cut my analysis short (not going beyond the Opening), as I'd be able to get through multiple games much quicker, to compare Opening stints. Once I'd got enough of a bearing on each of Seirawan's Openings (as listed at, I was then going to advance to the Middlegame and Endgame respectively.

As for the Opening line(s) we begin with, how about we go through what you're familiar with, explaining each step (as necessary) and then, once we're both on a similar wavelength, we'll probably both get more out of trying something different (e.g. some of Seirawan's Openings), including taking the analysis through to completion (perhaps, compartmentalising each phase: Opening, Middlegame, Endgame).

Should you happen to look out of your window (in the direction of the Atlantic) and notice a mushroom cloud arising ... that'll be me and I'll have spontaneously combusted due to friction caused by multiple theories. In that event, you may as well make a cup of tea ... our game may be postponed a while.

Best regards,