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Kids Chess Guide - Teaser - Playing Chess v. Playing AboutChess requires patience; it requires sitting down and working through problems; it requires you to remain seated and concentrate.

It's a lot to ask of a kid when the other choice is to dash about like a lunatic, climbing trees here, playing football there ...

Chess - Kid ThinkingKids have - generally - got so much energy when they're young, it seems a crime to pin them down to a sedentary activity when the temptations of modern day life are dangerously sedentary as it is.

However, with all that said, at some stage, kids need to be taught so they can make a successful transition from their care-free childhood, to responsible adulthood.

Kid ClimbingIn conjunction with other practices, Chess can be used to nurture effective reasoning and decision-making skills that successful adults rely on.

So, the question is, how to find that balance: between the physical activity needs of a child, versus the mind development skills that, at some stage, they'll need to start developing?

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