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Kids Chess Guide - Teaser - Chess Set v Chess ComputerComputer chess games and the highly sophisticated chess engines, such as Fritz, are excellent ...

  • Hundreds - sometimes thousands - of historical games can be played against
    the program in an instant.

  • Smart, eye-catching graphics and
    animation of moves can certainly impress.

  • And you can challenge yourself against beginner level, all the way up to
    Grandmaster level (with packages like
    Fritz), even if you've time by yourself.

In favour of Chess Sets, there's the tactile experience that kids will enjoy - of physically picking up and moving the pieces, which could add more of an experience while learning the game.

As a parent, you get to be more involved in the hands-on teaching role, rather than getting shunted to the side by an autonomous computer program. All it means is you just need to learn a bit so you can teach the bit - but surely that's an enjoyable part of being a parent.

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