Interpose, another name for the Block tactic:
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Block Tactic, Interpose (Reference)
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Chess Block Tactic, Interpose Reference.Interpose ... It's not really a different type of Block; it's just a fancy word for one.

Note the Interposition by White's Bishop has turned the disadvantage of being in Check, into an Absolute Pin by Blacks Rook, preventing White's Bishop from moving anywhere, until either White's King, or Black's Rook, move, thus breaking the Pin.

Block Tactic, Interpose (Reference)
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Block Tactic, Interpose (Reference)
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I debated whether to bother with an example, but you may hear some dictionary muncher mentioning it and wonder what the 'eck he meant.

So, treading a fine line between being helpfully informing and dickhead patronizing (apologies, if it sounds the latter), in the video clip, above, you see Black's Rook sliding down to put White's King in "Check" ...

White's Bishop rushes down to protect its King, from Black's Rook by stepping in-between - or, Interposing itself between the two.

Whether you call it Block or Interpose, doesn't really matter - it's the action that counts.

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