Intermezzo / Zwischenzug / In-between Move Tactic, Example 3:
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[Example 3]

Intermezzo, Example 3
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Intermezzo Tactic, Example 3Historical Game:
New York, 1924

The expected move: Black's Ra8 (red square) to capture White's dark-Bishop on b8.

The Intermezzo: Nf6 (yellow square) to d5 (green square).

The purpose: Move the Knight to a more-advanced square ... before capturing White's dark-Bishop (with ...Rxb8).

Intermezzo, Example 3
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Intermezzo, Example 3
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Historical Game:
Tartakower-Capablanca, New York, 1924

Tartakower (White) has just used his Bishop to capture Black's Knight, on b8.

He now expects Capablanca (Black) to immediately capture his Bishop, with his a8 Rook.

All in good time, Mr Tartakower ...

Move 1, Black first plays his Intermezzo, by sending his remaining kNight to d5.

Move 2, White suddenly anticipates the danger of a nasty Fork Attack, by Black's Knight, against his Queen and King ... And so, White keeps his Queen protecting her Pawn, while stepping his King up to f2 ...

Black now goes for the Bishop, as White originially expected, using his Rook to make the capture (x), on b8.

So, not only did Black gain that Bishop, he also got his remaining Knight into a more-advanced position, while managing to entice White's King into more-dangerous territory.

Capablanca wasn't World Chess Champion by chance, you know!

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