Intermezzo / Zwischenzug / In-between Move Tactic, Example 2:
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Intermezzo / Zwischenzug
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[Example 2]

Intermezzo, Example 2
- Overview -

Intermezzo Tactic, Example 2Historical Game:
Rosenthal-De Vere,
Paris, 1867

The expected move: Black's Qb6 (red square) to capture White's Bc4, also checking White's Ke1.

The Intermezzo: Rc8 (yellow square) to Rc1+ (green square).

The purpose: Exchange Rooks ... before capturing White's Bb4 (with Qb6xb4).

Intermezzo, Example 2
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Intermezzo, Example 2
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Historical Game:
Rosenthal-De Vere, Paris 1867

Here, Rosenthal (White) has just used his Bishop to capture on b4 ...

He now expects De Vere (Black) to use the Queen to capture his b4 Bishop.

De Vere does something else, first:

Move 1, Black chooses to play his Zwischenzug, by sending his Rook all the way down to c1, where it puts White's King in "Check" (x) ...

Move 2, Not wanting to lose his Queen, White escapes Check by moving his King up to d2; Black uses his Rook to capture (x) White's Rook, on f1.

Move 3 With no other piece nearby, White uses his Queen to capture (x) Black's Rook, on f1 ...

And, now, Black uses his Queen to capture (x) that Bishop of White's, on b4 ...

Just what White had originally expected, prior to Black's Intermezzo / Zwischenzug inter-play.

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