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Chess Tactics Teaser - Intermezzo TacticThis particular Chess Tactic, known
either as Intermezzo (popular in America)
or Zwischenzug (more common in Europe), aims to deceive your opponent with a surprise move made in the build up to your main line of attack.

The literal translation of both terms is
"in-between move" or "intermediate move", as that's precisely what happens, you make an intermediate move prior to
your main move.

Intermezzo Chess Tactic Index

Three examples of the Intermezzo / Zwischenzug / In-between Move tactic being used ...
  1. Example 1 (page 2)
    Intermezzo Chess Tactic, Teaser, Example 1.The expected move: Black's d5-Pawn (red square) to capture White's Be4.

    The Intermezzo: Black's Qd8 (yellow square) to h4 (green square).

    The purpose: Black's Qh4, pins White's f-Pawn, preventing it from advancing, while Be4 can't move because of Qh4xf2#.

  2. Example 2 (page 3)
    Intermezzo Chess Tactic, Teaser, Example 2.The expected move: Black's Qb6 (red square) to capture White's Bc4, also checking White's Ke1.

    The Intermezzo: Rc8 (yellow square) to Rc1+ (green square).

    The purpose: Exchange Rooks ... before capturing White's Bb4 (with Qb6xb4).

  3. Example 3 (page 4)
    Intermezzo Chess Tactic, Teaser, Example 3.The expected move: Black's Ra8 (red square) to capture White's dark-Bishop on b8.

    The Intermezzo: Nf6 (yellow square) to d5 (green square).

    The purpose: Move the Knight to a more-advanced square ... before capturing White's dark-Bishop (with ...Rxb8).

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