Basic Chess Strategy: Part of the Beginner's Chess Guide (Section 2)

GW's First Attempt at
Basic Chess Strategy,
January 2010

Summary (of the entire exercise)

I was debating whether to publish this or not, as I imagined most people would be searching online for winning solutions and a sure-fire Basic Chess Strategy, not some ropey beginner's game that ended in "a dumb-ass Loss".

But, on the other hand, "what could be learnt should I have managed the unlikely and pulled off a miraculous, one-off Win against a strong computer-opponent like Fritz?"

So, it went on the website, warts 'n' all.

Afterall, Chess is a game with literally millions of possible moves and combinations - the likelihood of you playing any Chess program, or any Human opponent and getting the same positions ... you've more chance of finding an honest politician.

While you can learn a bit from winning, in the beginning, you get far more benefit by learning the lessons given by a Loss.

Besides, even though "I" lost, you saw a plenty of Winning Tactics, during this Basic Chess Strategy, played on the counter-attack, by Fritz.

And you'll learn plenty by playing and analyzing your own games - go for the wins and learn from your losses.

To recap, take what lessons you can, from the videos you've seen:

If you want to try and benefit from my first attempt at Basic Chess Strategy, your main focus should be on the "underlying principles", laid out as the Objectives (Page 2) of this attempt at Basic Chess Strategy.

And, if you were disappointed by the previous seven pages (sod off) ...

I've Some Better Strategies, THIS WAY ...

So, now for something completely better ...

In the year since my first attempt at Basic Chess Strategy, (2010-2011), I learnt about a much better Opening Strategy, from Yasser Seirawan's Winning Chess series of books.

Furthermore, I was extremely fortunate to be able to pick the mind of Ken Wilsdon, whose been something of a mentor for me, as I move away from being a humble beginner, to what Ken said was more of an Advanced Beginner's level.

You may will definitely be interested in a the following quartet of Strategies that Ken shared with me:

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