Basic Chess Strategy: Part of the Beginner's Chess Guide (Section 2)

GW's First Attempt at
Basic Chess Strategy,
January 2010
[GAME: Opening Phase]

GAME: Opening Phase

Game: Graham Wadden vs Fritz 12, My Room, February 4th, 2010
Time Control: 10 minutes (per player)
Attempted Opening: The Giuoco Piano
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Move 1, White advances his King's Pawn to e4; Black's King's Pawn advances to e5.

Move 2, White's Kingside kNight goes to f3; Black's Queenside kNight goes to c6.

Move 3, White's Kingside Bishop is sent out to c4; Black's Kingside Bishop is sent out to c5.

Move 4, White advances his c-file Pawn to c3; Black's Kingside kNight is sent out to f6.

Move 5, White advances his Queen's Pawn to d4, to complete the textbook Giuoco Piano Opening ...

Now, I'm on my own ...

My current ability is restricted to anticipating 1-2 Moves ahead - maybe 3, at a push.

Take note wherever mistakes may have been made, during this Basic Chess Strategy - pieces captured, especially - and use it to try and think how you'd do things differently.

Move 5 continues ..., Black's e-file Pawn captures (x) White's Pawn, on d4.

Move 6, White's c-file Pawn captures (x) Black's Pawn, on d4; Black's active Bishop is sent to b4, putting White's King in "Check" (+).

Ideally, I would have preferred to Castle Kingside, but it CANNOT be done, as it's illegal to Castle when in Check.

At this stage, I chose on an early Exchange, as you'll see on my next Move ...

Question for you: For Move 7, of this Basic Chess Strategy, would you have blocked the Check with that Bishop, or with either of the White Knights, to d2?

Move 7, White blocks the Check with his Queen's Bishop, to d2; Black's active Bishop captures (x) White's Bishop, on d2.

Move 8, White's Queen captures (x) Black's Bishop, on d2; Black's Kingside kNight captures (x) White's Pawn, on e4.

On my next Move, I chose to put my Queen on e3, for two reasons:
  1. I didn't want to lose my Queen to Black's e4 Knight and ...

  2. My Queen could stop that same Black Knight's progress, with the Absolute Pin - though, I felt it would be short-lived!

Move 9, White's Queen evades the threat, by going to e3, attacking Black's Knight with an Absolute Pin; Black advances his Queen's Pawn, to d5.

Move 10, White Castles Kingside (O-O); Black also Castles Kingside

On my next Move, I was aware of the threat from Black's e4 Knight ...

But, instead, I chose to send my Queenside Knight to c3 as it was destined for Exchange, anyway - come the Middlegame Stage ...

It killed the proverbial "two birds with one stone", maintaining two Objectives for this Basic Chess Strategy - (1) making a potential Exchange, while (2) paving the way for my Queenside Rook to come more central.

Move 11, White's Queenside kNight is sent out to c3; Black's kNight captures (x) White's Knight, on c3.

Move 12, White's b-file Pawn captures (x) Black's Knight, on c3, to provide back-up for White's d-file Pawn ...

Black's d-file Pawn captures (x) White's Bishop, on c4.

Move 13, White's a-file Rook comes across to e1, to double-up with White's Queen, on the e-file.

To be honest, my focus was all on getting that Knight, on Moves 11-12 ...

The loss of my c4 Bishop - (Black's Move 12) - was regretful ...

Shame. We move on, progressing swiftly towards the next Phase, of this attempt at Basic Chess Strategy ...

And that's the Opening Phase complete ...

  • On the plus points, I got the textbook Giuoco Piano done; Castled Kingside and have managed to bring both Rooks inside.

  • I had wanted to save the Exchanges for the proper Middlegame Phase ...

    But circumstance - and maybe a touch of inexperience and impatience - brought a couple of Exchanges early on.

  • Also on show is my "Beginner's Lack of Foresight", in choosing moves, which has left me with a Bishop less than Black.

  • Looking at the board, as it is now, you can see Files b and d are "Half-Open", while File e is now an "Open File".

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