GW-KW, Point Count Chess Raw Discussion, File #8:
Part of the Advanced Beginner's Chess Guide (Section 2)

Game 3, GW-KW v. Fritz 12 (Level 5), for Control of the Center
[June 9th 2011]



(GW, June 9th) PROPOSED MOVE: 7. Bb2

Reasoning: Black's Queen Knight doubles the pressure on White's d4-pawn.

We (White) played 6. b3 with the intention of fianchettoing the Queen Bishop to b2, which would see White's d4-pawn protected by 3 units (Nf3,Qd1,Bb2), against the 2 Black units (c5,Nc6). We'll also be developing a piece in that move, maintaining an efficient rate of development, right?

I can't see any other move, for White, that'd be better, based on what I've just described, in addition to KW's comments, leading up to us playing 6. b3.

Ken's Comments ...

(KW, June 9th) Right you are! I agree, 7. Bb2 it is.

Black has developed his Knight, and is attacking both d4 and e5. Black's next move will probably be QB6. The battle for Center Control is on. Right now, Black is ahead in COA Center Domination and Control and Space Count. That's because we are very compact in our formation.

We still have the move e3 in reserve, if Black attacks d4 again. We are overprotecting the square, so that at least one of our pieces can move if needed, providing us some Flexibility.


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