GW-KW, Point Count Chess Raw Discussion, File #3:
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GW-KW, Point Count Chess,
Raw Discussion, May 24th 2011,
What I Needed Ken To Clarify,
[+] Pawn on 4th v Pawn on 3rd

May 24th 2011, additions to that discussion regarding Pawn on 4th v Pawn on 3rd ...

(GW, May 24th) Page 26, first paragraph beneath ex. No 13. Scotch Game, H&M-S refer to the the White Knight as being "loose" ...

I don't get why "White's king knight is loose". I look and I see it has protection from White's Queen, so what would make it "loose"?

Ken's Comments ...

I think H&M-S are using the word "loose" in the sense of a "target" because the Knight is in the center, and if he moves again, that will be the third time (losing a tempo - note that he did not lose a tempo by exchanging, but moving off the square would cause a loss of tempo), so White will be reluctant to move his Knight, so the remainder of the paragraph is illustrating some ways that Black could take advantage of that by developing moves.

White does not want to make the Knight an outpost by c3, as that would block one of the best squares for his Knight on b1. Black would not have to take, as if he did, the pawn on c3 would move to d4, and White would have a Phalanx in the center with a stronger game. That leaves Black with fewer options. Will he move and lose a tempo, or allow Black to further his development, or will he exchange and allow Black to free himself of any crimping.

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