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GW-KW, Point Count Chess,
Raw Discussion, May 19th 2011,
What I Needed Ken To Clarify,
[-] Backward Pawn

May 19th 2011, additions to that discussion about the Backward Pawn ...

I went hunting online for examples of the Backward Pawn, that I could show Ken, to make sure I understood and could recognise this disadvantage (or, advantage, if it happens to your opponent!) ...

(GW, May 19th) The following 2-part, video, found on YouTube, covers many of the points you raised:

(above). Black's F Pawn causes the E Pawn to become Backward, when it advances to f6, to attack the head of White's (advanced) Pawn Chain (e5).

(Video 1 of 2, Timeline: 1:17),
Black's E Pawn, advancing to e6, "fixes" itself. The danger of it becoming Backward is if - as actually happens - Black's F Pawn advances to attack White's e5 Pawn, from f6. (Black's E Pawn isn't Backward, at this point, since the Pawn at f7 supports it).

(Video 1 of 2, Timeline: 3:13),
White's King Rook positions itself at e1, waiting for the E file to become "Half-Open", whereupon it'll be attacking Black's E Pawn, which cannot advance from (what will become) its Backward state.

(Video 1 of 2, Timeline: 3:27),
Not a highlighted example, but as soon as Black's A Pawn advances to a6, doesn't Black's B Pawn - the rearward Pawn in the Chain - become Backward?

Ken's Comments ...

(Referring to my comment on Video Timeline: 3:27) Yes! As soon as Black moves to a6, the pawn becomes backward

... (GW, May 19th) ...

(Video 1 of 2, Timeline: 5:32),
Demonstration begins of Black's Backward E Pawn about to be frontally attacked by White's Rook, on the White's Half-Open E file. Exposure to the Rook happens on 6:27, with Bd3.

(Video 2 of 2),
I didn't comment on the second video, but here it is, to complete the lesson, focusing on the Backward Pawn ...

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