GW-KW, Point Count Chess Raw Discussion, File #2:
Part of the Advanced Beginner's Chess Guide (Section 2)

GW-KW, Point Count Chess,
Raw Discussion, May 19th 2011,
What I Needed Ken To Clarify,
[+] Advanced Salient

May 19th 2011, additions to that discussion ...

Referring to Ken's comments, May 18th, regarding the Advanced Salient ...

(KW, May 19th) Not quite, but close. The point goes to the salient or reversed salient that is the most advanced (e.g., the forwardmost pawns are on the 5th rank v. 4th for the other, see No. 24, p. 41 - White would gain the point because it is the most advanced - If Black's pawns were on c4,d5,e4 and White's were on c3,d4,e3 then Black would gain the point even though it is a reverse salient - it's how far forward it is, not its appearance). The point goes because of its crimping effect on the opponent.

I then gave a couple of examples to try and help clarify matters ...

May 19th 2011 - Advanced Salient - Ex.1
(GW, May 19th) Looking at the position in Ex.1, White gets the plus point for the Advanced Salient (c4-d5-e4).
May 19th 2011 - Advanced Salient - Ex.2
... while, in Ex.2, Black would get the plus point, albeit for the Reversed Salient (c4-d5-e4) being in the more advanced position?

Ken's Comments ...


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