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GW-KW, Point Count Chess,
Raw Discussion, May 19th 2011,
What I Needed Ken To Clarify,
[-] Crippled Majority Wing

May 19th 2011, additions to that discussion regarding the Crippled Majority Wing ...

May 19th 2011 - Crippled Majority Wing - Ex.1

(GW, May 19th) So, in Ex.1, above, Black's 3 Q-side Pawns v. White's 2 is the Majority Wing, but the "Crippled" weakness applies to Black's Pawns, due to the Doubled Pawn formation of the b4 & b5 Pawns.

Ken's Comments ...

Yes. If it is Black's turn, a3 b3, and if b3 a3. Black cannot force a passed pawn, even though he has a majority, and so it is "Crippled" (Chess lingo is not politically correct. Maybe we should say, "Advancement Challenged?!?!" Just kidding).
May 19th 2011 - Crippled Majority Wing - Ex.1

(GW, May 19th) In Ex.2, White's 2 Q-side Pawns v. Black's 1 is the Majority Wing (though, on the K-side, Black has the Majority Wing, albeit not Crippled). As for White's Q-side Pawns, they're "Crippled" because they're BOTH isolated, with Black's solitary Pawn able to attack either, then leave the remainder to be got by the Black King. So, neither White Q-side Pawns can advance, even though they're both "Passed", without being captured, which is paraphrasing the reason they're the "Crippled Majority Wing".

Ken's Comments ...

Black must keep his King about where it is, and it would indeed be a "Crippled Pawn Wing".

White's King needs to get to the b-file. If White is to have any chance in this position, he will need to move his c-pawn to be taken by Black's pawn (not King), while keeping his King on the b- to d- files (turning this into an Outside Passed Pawn situation, as just discussed).

If he moves the a pawn to be taken by the b pawn (not King), then White should try to Queen the c-pawn, as it is easier to Queen a c-pawn than an a-pawn (Black's King can get in front of the a pawn, and it would be a draw).

This might be a good option if it weren't for Black's 4 on 3 Majority on the Kingside. With that, the Outside Passed Pawn strategy is definitely better, I feel, for White. Black needs to be careful moving his 4 to 3 Majority, as the King cannot assist.

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