GW-KW, Point Count Chess Raw Discussion, File #1:
Part of the Advanced Beginner's Chess Guide (Section 2)

GW-KW, Point Count Chess,
Raw Discussion, May 18th 2011,
What I Just Didn't Get,
[-] Crippled Majority Wing

(GW) What I just didn't get ...

Crippled Majority Wing

  • ? Don't understand the "Crippled" definition, but can spot a Pawn Majority without difficulty. As for the "Majority Wing", this will refer to friendly Pawns on the Flanks, but excluding the central, King & Queen Pawns, respectively.

Ken's Comments ...

In the Glossary (p.335), it says that a crippled majority wing is "a majority wing so disposed (as by the doubling of pawns) that it cannot force a passed pawn against the minority wing facing it". So a 4 v 3 or 3 v 2 majority, but you can't force a passed pawn, just taking the pawns into consideration, and not the pieces.

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