GW-KW, Point Count Chess Raw Discussion, File #1:
Part of the Advanced Beginner's Chess Guide (Section 2)

GW-KW, Point Count Chess,
Raw Discussion, May 18th 2011,
What I Needed Ken To Clarify,
[-] Compromised King-side

(GW) What I needed Ken to clarify ...

Compromised King-side

  • ? Needs further clarification for other factors.

  • The main culprits are the King Bishop Pawn and/or King Knight Pawn going absent, due to capturing or being captured. They leave an open route down towards the King (if/when Castled). Not good.

Ken's Comments ...

Yup. If you have to move a pawn, the King Rook pawn is the best, followed by the KN pawn, then the KB pawn. Best not to move any pawn. According to the Summary, H&M-S count a point if ANY pawn is moved or doubled. But as we saw above on Mobile Pawn Wing with p. 5, No. XB, you can move pawns as long as your opponent cannot attack you. If he can attack you, it is a minus point.

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