Greater Space:
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Greater Space
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Greater Space

Point Count Chess - IE - Diagram 136 - Page 193-194 PCC, Greater Space. Example #1
(p193-194) Diagram NO.136
Taubenhaus v. Tarrasch, 1885
The Strategy of Restraint

The enemy is restrained when they have fewer squares, (especially in their own territory), to develop their Pieces, in the Opening phase of the game.

This example shows how Black gains Greater Space, in the Opening phase, by reducing the amount of space (number of squares) that White can safely develop his Pieces to.
Point Count Chess - IE - Diagram 137A to 137B - Page 194-196 PCC, Greater Space. Example #2
(p194-196) Diagram NO.137A to NO.137B
Spanjaard v. Van den Berg

Expansion is the process of moving your troops out, beyond the point of their initial developing moves.

The purpose, or desired result, is to out-maneuver the enemy, and gain Greater Space, which you then use to further mobilize your army, to make an attack on the enemy King.

This example shows how Black implements his plan of Expansion, beyond the initial development phase of the game, before pressing home his advantage of Greater Space, to win the game.
Point Count Chess - IE - Diagram 138A to 138C - Page x-x PCC, Greater Space. Example #3
(p197-198) Diagram NO.138A to NO.138C
Kramer v. Busek, 1955
The Open Board

An Open Board is one where the four squares of the Center are clear of Pawns.

An advantage of Greater Space becomes more significant on an Open Board. Without the Pawns blocking the paths through the Center, the long-range power of the Pieces can be used to devastating effect.

In this example, White manages to create an Open Center and takes advantage of the space gains that arise from it.

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