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You've heard about Flash Chess ... You've heard about SparkChess ... Now you want to know which to play and where to find it/them.

SparkChess / Flash Chess III

Launch Spark Chess - a.k.a. Flash Chess III

Besides a bit of rebranding and a few cosmetic 'tweaks', Flash Chess III and SparkChess are, essentially, the same ... They both run on the same platform, using Flash technology to bring the game to life; the 3D Chessboard is the same; the Chess Pieces are the same; etc.

Both Flash Chess III and Spark Chess are available to play, on their own seperate websites. However, SparkChess is now their 'main' focus - especially as Google has selected it to feature in their widely anticipated Operating System.

The only thing that remains of Flash Chess III is the name ... will still be up for a while, because it still pulls in plenty of visitors. But, it's safe to say, at some point, it'll be taken down ...

As such, if you intend to head off to one of them, you're better off heading over to

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