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You've likely read or heard about famous games of Chess where games are won in a handful of moves. You want to see these games and the moves made.

Fool's Mate

Probably the most Famous, of all the Famous Checkmate Moves, goes by the title "Fool's Mate ", which sees Black's army win in just 2 Moves, courtesy of White's extreme naivety.

Legall's Mate

This famous game sees a Win for White, in 7 Moves and involves a cunning Queen sacrifice ... White goes on to Checkmate Black's King by using 2 Knights, a Bishop, and a great move that forces Black's King off its Back Rank to its doom.

Scholar's Mate

Within 4 Moves, White's Queen and light-square Bishop combine to Checkmate Black's King on its starting square.

You can see Fool's Mate, Legall's Mate, Scholar's Mate, plus five other games, in our "Famous 'Mates" page (see the Links, below).

Killer Chess Openings

Not as well-known (as those three Famous Checkmate Moves), but still worthy of attention, our Killer Chess Openings page is so named because it showcases games where Checkmate occured in the Opening (Link, below).

The Game of the Century

This game was played in 1956 between Donald Byrne and the great Bobby Fischer ... What makes this match even more significant is Fischer was only 13 years old at the time!

This game is also notable for featuring a very rare Chess Tactic known as a Windmill Attack, which can be seen on Moves 18-23.

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