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Error Management Guide
[Early Queen Deployment]

Bringing Your Queen Out Too Early

Because the Queen is a player's most powerful Piece, it's tempting to thrust her straight into the game; to lead the attacks and capitalize upon her might, to bring about a swift and crushing victory.

The problem with this approach is that it doesn't factor in the Queen coming under attack from the opposing army.

No problem, you might think ... "I'll just move the Queen to safety, if she's attacked."

Yet, therein lies the very problem!

Having to move the Queen more than once, during the opening, violates one of the major principles of Development Strategy: "In the Opening, seek to move each Piece ONCE only, per turn."

By moving Pieces more than once, you risk your opponent gaining sufficient, positional advantage, which a lead in development can bring and which could severely restrict your own positional options ...

Falling behind in development can put you on the back foot for the remainder of the game; always playing second-fiddle to your opponent's superior move options, with your reactionary predicament pulling you towards your own demise.

Your objective, during the Opening - besides Castling the King to safer territory - is to develop your army as quickly as possible, to be ready for the forthcoming Middlegame battle.

If you're having to prat-about moving and re-moving your threatened Queen, it's obvious that those moves are being made at a detrimental cost to the overall Development of the remainder of your army.

A Rough Guide to Opening Development

Actually, this should be seen as a very loose, very rough guide* to Opening Development ...
  1. Develop your Pawns & Minor Pieces first;
  2. Castle your King to safety;
  3. Finalize Rook Development;
  4. ... and, THEN, you can think about playing your Queen.
* #1-3 can be mixed about slightly; but, in general, it's often better to leave #4 to last.

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