Error Management Guide:
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Error Management Guide
[Simplify / Liquidation]

Simplify / Liquidation

Also known as Liquidation, Simplification is an efficient way to remove most of the Pieces on the Board, during the Middlegame phase, so as to make a quick transition to a more-manageable situation in the Endgame phase.

With the variety of moves available by individual Pieces, you can appreciate the complexity of moves caused by having too many Pieces roaming the Board.

With complexity being a breeding ground for errors, it can make a lot of sense to remove such damaging potential, by getting rid of the lion's share of Pieces and "Simplifying" the position.

A cull of the Pieces will be done through a sequence of mutual Exchanges, whereby each player willingly trades one Piece for another, until there is a smaller quantity of these 'heavy hitters' ...

Fewer Pieces = less Complexity = a more Simplified position.

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