Error Management Guide:
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Error Management Guide
[When to Resign]

When to Resign

IF your game has gone tits-up, remember you have the option to Resign.

Just make sure you've Calculated the Variations, first - which is a snappy way of saying: "make sure you've exhausted all possible Move sequences, to determine what's possible/probable".

If you've assessed the situation and you're clearly destined to Lose; there's no point playing on, towards the inevitable ...

Error Management won't help you now ... So, offer to Resign, take the Loss like a man (even if you're a girl); it's not quitting; your opponent will gladly accept, and you can quickly get stuck into the next game.

Resigning against a computer is as simple as pressing the "New Game" button ...

But, if you're playing against a Human - over the Internet, or face-to-face, in Tournament conditions - YOU MUST "offer your Resignation, for your opponent to accept"; (it's just the done thing).

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