The Discovered Check, Example 3:
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The Discovered Check
[Example 3]

The Discovered Check, Example 3
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Discovered Check, Example 3This image shows White's Rg5 about to be uncovered, for the Discovered Check against Black's Kb5, which will happen when White's Bf5 leaves to attack Black's Qb7, from c8.

Black will have to get his King out of check, but will lose the Queen to Bxb7. White's h-Pawn will then have a hassle free journey to Promotion, up at h8.

The Discovered Check, Example 3
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In this scenario, White's Bishop moves to attack Black's Queen ... Under any other circumstance, such a move would result in the needless capture of that Bishop - it'd be an easy take for the Queen.

However, that move by the Bishop has uncovered a "Discovered Check" by White's Rook, on Black's King.

Black's only option is to move the King to escape Check. The best option is to go to either a6 or b6, so it can capture White's Bishop, after that Bishop captures Black's Queen.

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