The Discovered Check, Example 2:
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The Discovered Check
[Example 2]

The Discovered Check, Example 2
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Discovered Check, Example 2This image shows White's Nd5 about to launch an attack Black's Ra8, which currently targets White's Isolated a2-Pawn.

However, it's White's Bb3 which, once uncovered, will perform the Discovered Check, against Black's Kg8.

Black will have to safeguard his King, leaving White's Knight to capture the Rook. This will free White's a2-Pawn, which can then be shepherded towards its a8 Promotion square.

The Discovered Check, Example 2
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The Discovered Check, Example 2
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In this second Discovered Check example, Black's King seems to have a better defences. Black also has a Rook left on the board, which offers some hope.

However, on closer inspection, looking at the positioning of White's Knight and Bishop, Black is about to be put in serious bother.

White chooses to send his Knight up left, onto b6, from where it attacks Black's solitary Rook.

In that single move, White's Bishop now has an open route, directly to Black's King ... Another "Discovered Check" - that is, the Cover, originally provided by the Knight, has been removed and the attack is on.

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