The Discovered Check, Example 1:
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The Discovered Check
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The Discovered Check, Example 1
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Discovered Check, Example 1This image shows White's Be3 about to go off to attack Black's Ra5, from b6. By doing so, it will uncover White's Re2 - this is the Discovered Check, being the uncovered piece performing the Check against the adverse King.

Black will be forced to move his King, but will lose the Rook, and White's Pawns won't be prevented from gaining Promotion.

The Discovered Check, Example 1
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The Discovered Check, Example 1
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In this first example, Black's King is very exposed, totally lacking protection or cover.

Black's only really-potent piece is that Rook, at a5.

Unfortunately for Black, it's White's turn ... More bad news is that Black's Rook is on the same color square as White's Bishop.

This is something spotted by White, who moves the Bishop to b6, where it's safe and able to attack Black's Rook.

But, what that move also does is it uncovers a direct path from White's Rook, all the way to Black's King ... This Check has been "Discovered".

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