The Discovered Attack, Example 3:
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The Discovered Attack
[Example 3]

The Discovered Attack, Example 3
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Discovered Attack, Example 3This image shows White's Bd3 about to check Black's King, from b5. The move will uncover White's Qd1, for a Discovered Attack against Black's Qd4.

Black won't have any alternative by to get his King out of check, but will lose his Queen to White's Qxd4.

The Discovered Attack, Example 3
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The Discovered Attack, Example 3
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In this scenario, White puts Black's King in "Check", by moving his Bishop to b5.

This is NOT a "Discovered Check", as it isn't the 'uncovered' piece that's made the "Check".

However, that move by White's Bishop results in a "Discovered Attack", by White's Queen, which is now directly threatening Black's Queen.

Black has no option but to lose the Queen, as the King must be removed from Check.

That was Black's fault, for putting the Queen in such an advanced position, far too early in the game ... and without proper back-up, to at least take immediate revenge to capture White's Queen.

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