The Deflection Tactic, Example 2:
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The Deflection Tactic
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The Deflection Tactic, Example 2
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Deflection Tactic, Example 2Historical Game:
Motala (Sweden), 1946

The Goal: (After Black's Rf2-h2+ and White's Kh1-g1) Black wins by Checkmate with Re2-g2#.

The Problem: White's Rh3, as highlighted (yellow square), can deal with Black's intended Rf2-h2+, while Black's subsequent Re2xh2 would be dealt with by White's Kxh2, and the Checkmate opportunity is repelled.

The Solution: Deflect White's Rh3 away from the h-file, where it currently defends both Kh1 and the h2-square.

The square highlighted in green is the actual Deflection square utilized in the game; while Black's Queen, as highlighted (red square), is played as a sacrifice, in order to prise White's Rook away from its guard-spot.

The Deflection Tactic, Example 2
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The Deflection Tactic, Example 2
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Historical Game:
Hjorth-Lundin, Motala (Sweden), 1946

Lundin (Black) can see that, if he can only get White's h3 Rook away - or captured - then his two Rooks can secure the Win and together "Checkmate" White's King.

Here's what happened:

Move 1, Black sends his Queen down to e3, becoming the sacrficial piece in this Deflection tactic ...

In the actual game, White Resigned at this point ...

However, here's what would have happened, if continued to the end:

Black would have no choice but to use his Rook to capture (x) Black's Queen, on e3.

Move 2, Black slides his first Rook, to h2, where it "Checks" (+) White's King; White is forced to move his King to g1.

Move 3, Black then follows up with the move of his other Rook, from the e-file square to g2, resulting in "Checkmate" (#) and a victory for Black.

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