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The Deflection Tactic

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Chess Tactics Teaser - Deflection TacticDeflection is a cunning kind of decoy tactic used in the build-up to a main assault, where your opponent has a piece guarding a square or region of the Chess Board that would give you great attacking potential.

The Deflection tactic may involve sending out a piece - the decoy/agitator/bait - on what may well be a suicide mission; but, the overall advantage will be worth the sacrifice, as you will see from these examples ...

The Deflection Tactic Index

Three examples of the Deflection tactic being used ...
  1. Deflection, Example 1 (page 2)
    Deflection Tactic, Teaser, Example 1.The Goal: (After White's Re2xe8+ and Black's Rc8xe8) White wins by Checkmate, with Re1xe8#.

    The Problem: Black's Qd7 can scupper White's plan.

    The Solution: White uses Qd4 to Deflect the Black Queen away from guarding the e8-square.

  2. Deflection, Example 2 (page 3)
    Deflection Tactic, Teaser, Example 2.The Goal: (After Black's Rf2-h2+
    and White's Kh1-g1) Black wins by Checkmate, with Re2-g2#.

    The Problem: White's Rh3 can
    deal with Re2-h2+, ending this Checkmate threat.

    The Solution: Black's Qa7-e3 is sacrificed, to Deflect White's Rh3 away from the h-file, enabling the intended Checkmate.

  3. Deflection, Example 3 (page 4)
    Deflection Tactic, Teaser, Example 3.The Goal: White to make multiple captures with Ne4 and a series of Fork Attacks.

    The Problem: Black's Qd8 guards ALL the intended targets.

    The Solution: White's Rc2 is used
    to Deflect Black's Queen off the key d8-square.

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