The Decoy Tactic, Example 2:
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The Decoy Tactic
[Example 2]

The Decoy Tactic, Example 2
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Decoy Tactic, Example 2The ultimate target, for White, in this scenario, is to Checkmate Black's King, with Nf4-h5, supporting Qg4xg7#.

The Decoy move, planned by White, will be Rc1xc6, which aims to take advantage of Black's weak (Backward) c6-Pawn, using the current Ra1.

The objective is to entice Black's Queen across to c7, then off the 7th Rank, with White's Rook played as a sacrifice, to help Qg4 win the game, on g7.

The Decoy Tactic, Example 2
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The Decoy Tactic, Example 2
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In this example, the target for White is to plant the Queen on g7 and, with backup from her Knight, at h5, they'd seal victory by "Checkmate".

The proverbial spanner-in-the-works is Black's Queen, on the 7th Rank.

White's aim would be to, somehow, force Black's Queen off her post and, as you'll see, it's White's Rook that carries out this task, with its own sacrifice ...

Move 1, White's Rook starts by sliding right, onto c1, to threaten Black's Pawn; Black's own Rook offers protection, going onto c8, where it performs a Defensive X-Ray Attack.

Move 2, White's kNight makes it over to h5; Black's Queen - for the sake of this example - kindly trots over to c7.

Like her c8 Rook, Black's Queen also gets into a Defensive X-Ray Attack, protecting the Pawn in front.

Although the formation is there, it's NOT a Battery Attack, as that c6 Pawn is blocking direct line of sight of White's Rook ... You just can't Attack your own side.

Move 3, White's Rook makes the self-sacrificial gesture, by capturing (x) Black's Pawn, on c6 - this is the Decoy move ...

Black, not wanting to lose the Rook, Queen, or Bishop, uses the Queen to capture (x) White's Rook, on c6.

But, in doing so, Black's Queen makes a fatal error, by leaving the 7th Rank and leaving her King to protect their g7 Pawn.

Move 4, White's Queen captures (x) Black's Pawn, on g7 and, protected by her Knight, from h5, "Checkmate's" Black's King.

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