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Chess Tactics Teaser - Decoy TacticA Decoy is the Tactic to use when you want to get a piece onto a specific square, only it happens to be currently guarded by an enemy piece.

The way to approach it is to have your target in mind; then you need to determine your Decoy move (the Pawn/Piece plus its intended square). It's also a good idea to clarify your intentions with an overriding objective.

What you do is launch your assault in TWO stages:

  1. Send either your main piece, or another piece to a square (this is the Decoy), in the hope of coaxing to it, that enemy guard.

  2. IF the enemy takes the bait and leaves its guard-spot, then you can implement Stage 2, by sending your waiting piece to its target, whether it be a positional move only; or a specific move that captures material.

Often, to realize your objectives, you may be required to sacrifice a piece, in the build-up to getting to your target ... But, if it gives YOU advantage on the board, it'll be well worth it!

Oh, one caveat to all of this ... Getting it all to work, to plan, will sometimes happen due to the skill of your moves ... However, more often than not, "lady luck" will play her part in getting your opponent to overlook your real agenda ...

The Decoy Tactic Index

Three examples of the Decoy tactic being used ...
  1. Decoy, Example 1 (page 2)
    Decoy Tactic, Teaser, Example 1.The target: Capture Black's Bf6.

    The Decoy move: (After Qe2-f3), Qf3-f5.

    The objective: Force Black's g7-Pawn to step forward, protecting the vulnerable h7-Pawn (and square), but leaving Bf6 free for White's Queen to capture (Qf5xf6).

  2. Decoy, Example 2 (page 3)
    Decoy Tactic, Teaser, Example 2.The target: Checkmate Black's King with Nf4-h5, supporting Qxg7#.

    The Decoy move: (After Ra1-c1), Rc1xc6

    The objective: coax Black's Queen off the 7th Rank, to enable White's Queen to get onto g7.

  3. Decoy, Example 3 (page 4)
    Decoy Tactic, Teaser, Example 3.The target: Capture White's Queen on g5.

    The Decoy move: Be7-g5.

    The objective: Force White's trapped Queen to capture on g5. White's Qg5 and Kg1 are, then, in position for a Royal Fork, from Black's Ng4-h3+. White's King has to move, losing White's Queen (Nh3xg5).

Chess Tactics - Chess Decoy - Graphic

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