Cramped Position:
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Cramped Position

  • Point Count Chess: Cramped Position [-];
If you have fewer safe squares to move your Pieces, than your opponent's army, you're at a disadvantage, suffering more from Cramp (as it's known). Deduct a point from your overall Point Count tally.

Diagram 1, below, shows this off to the extreme. Only Black's Queen and Knight aren't hemmed in by Pawns, yet, due to the positioning of White's Pawns and Pieces, any attempt to move towards White's position is met with instant capture.
Cramped Position, Image 1, Advanced Beginners Chess Guide
Diagram 1: Capablanca v. Treybal, 1929.
Black's suffers massive Cramp!
This is the polar opposite of an army that possesses Greater Space, which White has in abundance, in Diagram 1.

Just be aware, there is only one point to be had, so you must decide if you are going to add it to one side (for Greater Space), or deduct it from the other (for having the Cramped Position).
Interactive Examples

Point Count Chess (Horowitz & Mott-Smith, 1960)
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