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You're looking for Flash-based Chess Games, where you can play against a Computer opponent rather than Human-vs-Human.

If you're serious about learning to improve your Chess and you want the advantage of a computerized opponent, having spent time exploring it, I must recommend Fritz 12, so far.

However, if you're after toying about with free, online Chess Games, but still want a decent computer opponent, as yet, SparkChess is virtually in a league of its own ...

Launch Spark Chess - a.k.a. Flash Chess III

On the free version, you get 3 difficulty settings - Beginner; Casual; Advanced ... I think the way they work is the harder the level, the larger portion of the pre-programmed database of positions/games, is accessed.

Anyway, the gameplay is decent; it all looks good ... Click the Link, below, to, and give it a whirl.

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KEYWORD: Computer Vs Human Chess Flash
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