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- 7. Connected Rooks -

Again, as mentioned in Yasser Seirawan's Strategy for the Opening, Rooks are more effective if they can work together.

In order for Rooks to be able to work together, they must be able to see each other directly. Once this happens, they're known as "Connected Rooks".

This situation is often the very last action that completes an Opening sequence (after which comes the Middlegame phase). We add 1 point to the overall Analysis score, when the Rooks are Connected.

Chess Openings - Seirawan 6 Rules - 4 Connect RooksThere isn't a graphic for this element, either, as you can easily see when Rooks are Connected, as there aren't any other Pieces in between them.

  • As soon as the Rooks become Connected, 1 point is awarded.
  • Whatever happens thereafter doesn't affect the point gained.
  • Only the initial connection of Rooks can be awarded the 1 point score.
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