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How COA [Beta v1.0] Analyzes
- 6. Castled King -

We've already mentioned the importance of safeguarding the King, by putting him out of harms way - as much as is possible - and into his House.

Castling is the fastest way to get your King into his House, so we give a point when Castling takes place. If Castling becomes VOID, 5 Points are deducted.

We've gone for the deduction of 5 points, because it can take 5 moves, give-or-take, to manually exchange positions of the King and Rook ...

First, the Rook - on the chosen side of the board - has to be moved out of the way; then, the King needs to be "walked", one square per turn, into his House. That's time which could be better spent developing the remainder of your army for the fast-approaching Middlegame phase.

We've only awarded 1 point for Castling because, while the benefits have been explained (time-saving; gets King quickly into his House), the King is only relatively safer in his House, than where he begins each game. Houses can be partially or fully destroyed by a well-planned attack, wiping out any safety benefits the House's components - Pawns, Knight, Bishop - originally provided.

The 1 point for Castling is there to (a) act as an indicator for the Analysis data, to show that Castling has been successfully achieved and (b) reward the time saved by Castling the King and quickly repositioning the Rook, ready for it to be Connected with its fellow Rook.

The -5 points is there to highlight inefficiencies in the particular move and/or sequence as a whole.

Chess Openings - Seirawan 6 Rules - 3 Castle KingThere isn't a graphic for this element. Analysis of the likes of Control, Center Domination and the others above are much more difficult to gauge, so they do require graphical help.

But it's straight-forward to see that a King has Castled, so we're not providing any graphic

  • Castling the King is worth 1 point.
  • If Castling becomes void, 5 points are deducted (i.e. -5 points).
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